Scotiabank Nuit Blanche

Zone B Independent Project

Light Seeds, 2012

Suitable for all ages

Ryerson University

Light Seeds

Frances Tonolete - Toronto, Canada
Rawan Ibrahim - Toronto, Canada
Flavio Firmino-Lunda - Toronto, Canada
Keith Poore - Toronto, Canada
Graham Pearson - Toronto, Canada

Interactive Installation

Science on Art is a collective of Ryerson’s physics and engineering students who formed to explore creative experiments in light, sound and electronics that extend beyond the standard academic experience.  

In "Light Seeds,” their latest project, the group uses light and microelectronics to create a colourful and luminous installation in an overhead walkway, within which an array of exploding star-like projections spark to life. The projections are activated by audience members who, at street level, are interacting with multiple control sensors (musical, percussive, optical, and kinetic) that use microelectronics to create the dynamic light show projected overhead. 


Science on Art is a collective of Ryerson physics and engineering students formed to explore creative experiments in light, sound and electronics.


Gould Street & Church Street (North-East Corner), 416-627-3897

This project is outdoors.