Scotiabank Nuit Blanche

Zone A Exhibition Project

+city, 2012

Parental guidance advised

+city, 2012

Faisal Anwar - Toronto, Canada
Siobhan O'Flynn - Toronto, Canada

Interactive Installation

+city takes the essential elements of how we experience the urban landscape of Scotiabank Nuit Blanche – in physical as well as virtual space – and brings them together in a comedic entertaining event. For one night +city makes this social web visible and tangible, bringing to life the Twitter exchanges that layer the city with a constant networked flow of information. Led by Second City performers, throughout the evening celebrity guests and the public will be able to participate in shaping the Scotiabank Nuit Blanche experience through a series of improv sketches sparked by ideas generated via #snbTO and #pluscity hashtags.

will transform Toronto's Metro Hall Rotunda into a dynamic hub where real life intersects with online life. Turning the burst of the cultural conversation that is part of Scotiabank Nuit Blanche into brilliant comedy, +city will also create visualizations of the data generated during the evening, mapping the participation and patterns of the night in real-time.

Building on a unique app developed by Plus City Design, the installation highlights the connection between storytelling, social media, and space. Find PlusCity in iTunes.

7:05pm Dilshad Burman @DilshadBurman
7:35pm Veronica Chail & Mohit Rajhans @mohitsmovies / @veronicachail
8:05pm Sangita Patel @sangita_patel and Eva Fragiskatos @evafragiskatos
8:35pm Paul Aguirre-Livingston @pliving
9:05pm Pay Chen @PayChen
9:35pm Ngozi Paul @gozigirltweets
10:05pm Michael Hollett @m_hollett
10:35pm Devo Brown @devobrown
11:05pm Rainbow Francks and Aliya-Jasmine Sovani @AliyaJasmine / @rainbowfrancks
11:35pm Rainbow Francks @rainbowfrancks
12:05am Marcello Cabezas @marcetotw
12:35am Norman Alconcel - Big Norm @TheBigNormShow
1:05am Andrea Thompson and John Balabik
1:35am Special K @speshkmusic
2:05am Sean Warren (Slam Poetry Collective) @TheSeanWarren

Co-founded by Faisal Anwar and Siobhan O’Flynn, Plus City Design projects provide insights into social good, social change, art and innovation, with the goal to change how we perceive the interplay of physical and digital lives. Siobhan is an artist, researcher and consultant engaged in the design of interactive narrative experiences across media and disciplines. Faisal is an artist and interactive producer of hybrid cross-platform projects that use real-time live data, multilayer video projections, and social interactivity.


Metro Hall, Rotunda, 55 John Street (Best access from King Street West or Wellington Street West)

This project is indoors.