Scotiabank Nuit Blanche

Zone A Exhibition Project

Chase, 2011

Suitable for all ages

With assistance from British Columbia Arts Council

With assistance from the City of Vancouver

Blaine Campbell is represented by Republic Gallery, Vancouver.

Chase, 2011

Blaine Campbell - New Westminster, Canada
Megan Wilson - Cumberland, Canada

Video Installation

Chase is a collaborative video and site-specific installation, centred upon the image of the ornate thousand-pound Czechoslovakian crystal chandelier that is located within Vancouver’s Orpheum Theatre. Throughout Chase, the chandelier’s lights slowly progress through an endless on-off cycle, a glowing, pulsing apparition with a multitude of crystal facets catching and refracting light in ever-changing patterns. Projected at an immense scale in a public space during the night, the image acts as a beacon in the distance.

Shifting from concrete to abstract, the chandelier often appears to transform back and forth between its ornate, gothic monumental form and a cityscape at night as it glows and then extinguishes in the dark, reverie-laden space of the city. As in much of their work, here Wilson and Campbell have worked with the material capacity of film to create sensory experiences of time, presence, and duration. The visual imagery of Chase is transcendent, at once captivating and compelling, tactile and intimate.

Megan Wilson & Blaine Campbell met through a Vancouver-based artist collective & began collaborating shortly thereafter. Based in British Columbia, both teach fine art and engage in an interdisciplinary practice including film, sculpture, painting and photography. Each has exhibited work in venues within Canada as well as Europe. 


Commerce Court, North Forecourt, 25 King Street West (Southeast corner of Bay Street and King Street West)

This project is outdoors.