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Zone C Exhibition Project

Tethered Motion, 2012
Photo: Edwin Haverkamp

Suitable for all ages

Thank you to Avrïl Jacobson & Edwin Haverkamp

Tethered Motion, 2012

Varun Vachhar - New Delhi, India

Kinetic Sculpture

Tethered Motion is a giant wind-up toy that comes to life when participants turn a large metal crank. Once animated the flat wooden surface mimics a bird in flight. The sculpture stems from the artist’s desire to recreate a childlike fervour for toys and token objects.

In his own childhood, Varun carried a coil from a burnt-out motor. This strange object kept him mesmerized for hours, even though to an adult it was obviously useless. This connection inspired Tethered Motion.

Varun Vachhar is a designer of interfaces and interactive installations. He uses programming as a design tool to give users intuitive, holistic and playful experiences. He is originally from New Delhi, India, and studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of Alberta and Interactive/Media/Design at the Dutch Royal Academy of Art.


St. Lawrence Market Plaza
80 Front Street East

This project is outdoors.