Scotiabank Nuit Blanche

Zone C Exhibition Project

The Evening News, 2007

Parental guidance advised

The Evening News (small craft warnings), 2012

Emergency Exit - Toronto, Canada

Performance Art

Two broadcasters, John Thompson and Jack Ward – the only remaining source of information in the world as the sky falls — bring you the news that matters.

Are nursery rhymes as valid as white lies? Can anyone trust the news when it is dispatched so quickly? Could the News be a euphemism for the Truth? Is reporting the falling sky from the middle of an urban centre safe? Maybe all these tall buildings will protect us!

The audience has the option of engaging directly with the broadcast by listening through headphones. The show is visible through the station’s two large windows and by several monitors scattered throughout the park. Whatever happens in the booth can be heard over the headphones. This could be anything from breaking news to the popular music of the last five decades, reading uncensored letters from listeners or recommending a nice place for dinner.

Emergency Exit has been creating original performance work for the last ten years. They have shown their work in Toronto, Montreal and Tehran. They were nominated for outstanding sound design and independent production at the 2006 Dora Awards for their cumulative piece Trilogie.


Berczy Park
35 Wellington Street East

This project is outdoors.