Scotiabank Nuit Blanche

Zone B Independent Project

Crave Crawl Cave (installation detail), 2012
Photo: courtesy Claro Cosco, Grey Muldoon, Piffin Duvekot

Suitable for all ages

University of Toronto Art Centre


Claro Cosco - Toronto, Canada
Piffin Duvekot - Toronto, Ontario
Grey Muldoon - Toronto, Ontario
Matthew Jarvis Wall - Toronto, Canada
Spark Design Collective - Toronto, Canada
XXXX Collective - Toronto, Canada


Crawl through pods to discover a sensory environment that explores shifting perceptions. An interactive virtual environment where you can engage with generative environments using a video game console. Hand-powered Jansen Walkers create kinetic sculpture.

Interventions located in close geographical proximity, forming an interpretive, metaphorical reading. Simultaneously, the works in this exhibition retain their own individual orbits or identities as well as  the ability to be interpreted in relation to one another.

As people throughout history have looked upwards and derived narratives from the stellar constellations, this exhibition represents a nexus forming a site for investigation, exploration and discovery.


15 King's College Circle (North end of University College, west of Hart House), 416-946-3029

This project is both indoors and outdoors.