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Zone B Independent Project

Persona Grata/Artist Studio and Confessional rendering, 2012

Suitable for all ages

The Toronto School of Art

Persona Grata

Students of The Toronto School of Art - Toronto, Canada

Interactive Installation

Three happenings in one space address the concept of persona.

A studio space for a fictitous artist and their equally fictitous practice is set up. Furnished with the bare bones of a studio, the community will be invited to add items. These will gradually combine to create The Artist.

The Open Life Drawing component will reverse the roles of artist and subject. The public is invited to have their portrait drawn by professionals and amateurs alike. People may pose "bare" or as a new persona created through available props.

The Confessional Booth will encourage a lighter approach to the confession. The public will be encouraged to divulge what they wish to achieve, embarassing moments, unusual habits or secret wishes.

The public will explore the topic of subjectivity, character, narrative and authorship and create in this process collectively.

Students from The Toronto School of Art, the city’s longest running independent art school and contributor to Toronto's cultural and artistic fabric.


Part of the project includes TSA's annual Open Life Drawing, the roles of artist and subject will be reversed .The public will be invited to sign up to have their portrait drawn by professional and amateur artists alike. These members of the public will pose for a 20 minute sketch. Every 20 minutes from 7 pm on. The public can take a drawing of their choice. On the hour,every hour the artist whose drawing is chosen will be given a $50 honorarium.


410 Adelaide Street West (3rd Floor), 416-504-7910

This project is indoors.