Scotiabank Nuit Blanche

Zone A Independent Project

She's Come Undone (a photo collage representation), 2012
Photo: Iwona Gontarska

Suitable for all ages

The Knit Cafe

She's Come Undone

Kristin Ledgett - Toronto, Canada
Iwona Gontarska - Toronto, Canada


At the commencement of the night one very large hand knit Matryoshka doll (Russian Nesting Doll) will look out through the Knit Cafe's Window. As each hour strikes, a layer of the Matryoshka will be shed to reveal the layer beneath (the doll within the doll). The dolls will be slowly unravelled. 

The yarn that accumulates will be wound into balls and added to the display.  Pictures will be taken at each stage to document the project and will be the only lasting representations of the dolls. These photos will be exhibited on the Knit Cafe’s website.

At the end of the evening the inner most doll will stand alone surrounded by the plentiful balls of yarn that once made up her mass; the spoils of deconstruction. This installation hopes to instigate conversations about the nature of creativity and why we make things.

Textile artists Kristin Ledgett and Iwona Gontarska, with help from the Knit Cafe's knit-community will be collaborating to create this project.


A new aspect of the installation will be revealed on the hour. The first reveal will occur at 9 pm, then 10 pm, etc. The last will occur at 5 am.


1050 Queen Street West, 416-533-5648

This project is both indoors and outdoors.