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The Clock, 2010

Suitable for all ages

The Power Plant

Christian Marclay: The Clock

Christian Marclay - New York City, USA

Video Installation

Around the world, people have lined up day and night to experience American artist Christian Marclay’s The Clock.

Unique and compelling, The Clock is an ode to time and the cinema comprised of thousands of fragments from a vast range of films. Short clips featuring wristwatches, alarm clocks, countdowns and other references to time and timepieces are edited together into a captivating illustration of virtually every minute of a day. The end result is an epic 24-hour video that plunges visitors into hundreds of different cinematic settings and moods, making time unravel in countless directions.

Marclay’s experimental work with sound, video and film has been extremely influential on a younger generation of artists working with sampling.

Christian Marclay (born 1955) is a Swiss-American sound and video artist. He lives and works between London and New York.


231 Queens Quay West (The Power Plant is located on the Harbourfront Centre site. Enter the site at Lower Simcoe and follow the pathway to the lake. The gallery is located directly on Toronto's waterfront and is recognizable by its smokestack.), 416-973-4949

This project is indoors.