Scotiabank Nuit Blanche

Zone B Independent Project

Shift, 2008
Photo: Tania Ursomarzo

Suitable for all ages

Queen St. West Business Improvement Area (BIA)

Working Through Process: Collapsing Depth

Tania Ursomarzo - Toronto, Canada

Video Installation

The installation uses the interplay of light and shadow as a medium to watch and record time against a building facade's backdrop. Day becomes night as night becomes day, revealing and rendering this everyday ephemera tangible. As information gathers, it sequentially superimposes on the physical site from which the information originally derived. The changing environmental conditions at the site and the layering of real and recorded time transform the depth of the facade's space with each instant of time that passes. The process of creating and presenting this work makes the perception of it constantly subject to change and to oscillation between varying spatial dimension. Time and surface unfold three dimensionally as light and shadow are choreographed to play out in a two dimensional collapse to scale with the built environment.

Curated by Earl Miller

Tania Ursomarzo is an interdisciplinary architect and artist who engages in the making of space, things for people and in dialogue with the body.


Proper Reserve, 498 Queen Street West, 416-384-2946

This project is outdoors.