Scotiabank Nuit Blanche

Zone B Independent Project

Whorl, 2010
Photo: Craig Fahner

Suitable for all ages

Artscape Wychwood Barns - New Adventures in Sound Art


Craig Fahner - Calgary, Canada
Neal Moignard - Calgary, Canada

Kinetic Sculpture

Whorl engages people of all ages and backgrounds in the shared and communal activity of making both sound art and visual art with the simplest of gestures. It is both a magic sculpture, and a science centre exhibit. The central object of the work is an aluminum table that virtually sings ragas in sine waves and consumes fingerprints to change visual patterns.

Whorl, describing the figuration of a fingerprint, or a wheel or a spinning spindle, throws salt from the centre like the Buddhist mandala, describing the world extending from the centre outward, from the fingerprint and onwards.

Whorl serves to demonstrate the properties of resonant frequencies in a material using a particle visualization. As sine waves match harmonics in the material, nodes of activity on the plate move the sound into passive areas.

Craig Fahner & Neal Moignard are part of a research group that develops systems of interaction encouraging kinesthetic perception and interpretation.


Theatre Direct's Christie Studio, 601 Christie Street, 416-652-5115

This project is indoors.