Scotiabank Nuit Blanche

Zone B Independent Project

Archaeologist's dream, 2012
Photo: John Shipman

Suitable for all ages

John Shipman

Caverne St-Clair 20012

John Shipman - Toronto, Canada
Mani Mazinani - Toronto, Canada
Veronica Clarke-Hanik - Toronto, Canada

Interactive Installation

Visit an ancient 2012 Toronto church restored by archaeologists 18,000 years from now. Ride on lookUP cars. See moving visions. Vibrate to a primitive pipe organ. Experience the twelve hour sound and image ceremonies of the Toronto people.

From artifacts lost for centuries and found by four young sisters in 20010, archaeologists rediscovered technologies and practices long forgotten. Now you can roll through the Caverne lying on lookUP's. Find your way with primitive lights. Feel the slow, sonorous vibrations of the electro-mechanical pipe organ in an ancient composition. See multi-visions of life in late 20th century Toronto moving over the ceiling high above. View an exhibit of artifacts from the 2000's.

The real Caverne St-Clair will be open only one night. A full-scale replica located nearby opens for public viewing in early 20018.


St. Matthew's United Church, 729 St. Clair Avenue West

This project is indoors.