Scotiabank Nuit Blanche

Zone A Independent Project

Malting Silos, 2011
Photo: Victoria Piersig

Suitable for all ages

Arcadia Collective

Quay Sera Sera

Victoria Piersig - Toronto, Canada
Edie Steiner - Toronto, Canada
Joan Prowse - Toronto, Canada

Multi-media Installation

Inspired by the theme 'if it weren't for the buildings in between', Arcadia explores its position as artists both within and outside the structures of building and neighbourhood. 

Arcadia Art Gallery will host a curated exhibition featuring visual responses to our changing waterfront environs, in various media, along with ongoing performance events throughout the night.

Artists from Arcadia Housing Cooperative join forces to create a visual arts event inspired by the theme 'if it weren't for the buildings inbetween'.


Arcadia Gallery, 680 Queens Quay West

This project is indoors.