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Special Projects

Wild Air Vision Electro, 2014

Suitable for all ages

Wild Air Vision Electro: Vehicle Art Installation, 2014

Gene Pendon - Montreal, Canada
Marisa Gallemit - Ottawa, Canada


Creating live for the public during a 12-hour period, artists Pendon and Gallemit transmute Subaru's Outback and Legacy vehicles, one using painting, the other sculpture, where each car exterior is re-interpreted to highlight a dynamic between the wildly organic and the highly engineered.

Over the course of the night, the adventure vehicle is treated with a sculptural application of botanicals, ornamental grasses and woven palm fronds re-modeling its surface and shape into an emblem of the intrepid.

Concurrently and adjacent, the high-tech vehicle becomes a mirage of sci-fi radiance with paint and lighting, invoking futuristic elegance and interpreting advancements in engineering design.

The artists bring to life each concept to the surface of two vehicles quite literally. The natural flirts with high technology. Engineering and adventure in harmony with each other.  The modifying of the surface of each vehicle to reveal the impulse for one the quest for exploration, the other, the way to the future – the creation process running its course over 12 hours to expose the space where these two concepts could possibly meet.

Gene Pendon (Montreal) and Marisa Gallemit (Ottawa), a search party of two for all that is visually captivating, experiential & concept-driven with a mission to create works with curiosity & collaboration through painting, installation, sculpture, illustration & design. The two collaborate under the creative partnership, ATÉKUYA Projects.


Bobbie Rosenfeld Park

280 Bremner Boulevard

This project is outdoors.