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Independent Projects

Stomata, 2014

Suitable for all ages

Ryerson University - Redux Lab


[R]ed[u]xLab - Toronto, Canada
Kevin Pu - Toronto, Canada
Matthew Suriano - Toronto, Canada
Filip Tisler - Toronto, Canada
Rachel Law - Toronto, Canada
Alisa Craigen - Toronto, Canada
Tiffany Cheung - Toronto, Canada

Interactive Installation

Stomata is named after the Greek word for "mouth" which is also used to describe pores found in the epidermis of botanical organisms that control gas exchange.

A metaphor where changing apertures respond to the proximity of human interactions in a similar manner to how stomata pores respond to oxygen and carbon dioxide levels, Stomata is an interactive installation that responds to the engagement of the public through their proximity and senses.

[R]ed[U]x Lab is a collective of digital fabricators and designers from Ryerson University’s Department of Architectural Science.


Bata Shoe Museum

327 Bloor Street West, (416) 979-7799

This project is indoors.