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Independent Projects

Rendering of giant photographic storyboards for LandMark, 2014

Suitable for all ages

Exhibit Change


Colin Lacey - Pickering, Canada
Jennifer Chan - Toronto, Canada
Kyle Kofsky - Toronto, Canada
Tara Noelle - Toronto, Canada
Patrick Colpron - Toronto, Canada
Diana Nazareth - Toronto, Canada
Ramona Chung - Toronto, Canada
Andrija Dimtrijevic - Belgrade, Serbia
Taku Kumabe - Toronto, Canada
Soteeoh - Toronto , Canada
Nick Wons - Toronto, Canada
Kate Koler - Toronto, Canada
Beckie Di Leo - Toronto, Canada
Michelle Lindo - Toronto, Canada

Photography Installation

LandMark is an interactive Citizen Design Lab and photographic installation focused on the dynamic nature of community and city building.

In one night, LandMark will transform the iconic St. James Park into a showcase of the stories that create the foundations of Toronto's various identities. These identities will feed into the city-building Design Lab that uses the park's gazebo as a natural gathering space.

The core principles of LandMark are to reveal the different perspectives and lived histories within the city, to demonstrate the inherent values and limitations of collaboration, and to ultimately provoke participants to question what it means to be engaged.

Exploring the concepts of community, heritage and our individual roles in crafting our own personal utopias, the key message of LandMark is that a successful community is a diverse and dynamic one.

The photography & art developed for LandMark has being carried out by over 14 artists who collaborated with 10 community groups & residents.


St. James Park

120 King Street East, 416 464-8604

This project is outdoors.