survival guide

The literal English translation of Nuit Blanche is "White Night," a term used to describe a natural phenomenon that occurs at high latitudes where the dusk meets the dawn. It refers to a night without darkness; a night for new discoveries; a sleepless night.

So whether you sleep in Saturday morning or take an afternoon nap, arrive at Scotiabank Nuit Blanche well rested and ready for a sleepless night!

Check out these pointers to help you prepare for the evening, with suggestions on what to pack, how to navigate the Zones and how to get around the city on the TTC all night long.

Tips and tricks designed to help you make it through the night
Essential items you'll need to survive a sleepless night
Start your adventure at the Scotiabank Hubs
Navigate Scotiabank Nuit Blanche by bike, bus, subway or taxi
Midnight snacks to keep you going straight through to sunrise