The Zones

Toronto has been divided into three zones to accommodate 195 Scotiabank Nuit Blanche destinations. Within each zone you'll find a mix of curated Exhibitions and Independent Projects. The challenge � explore them all in one night!

(square symbol) Exhibitions

Under the direction of three Toronto-based curators, 30 temporary public art installations by local, national and international artists have been commissioned within three outdoor exhibition sites. To encourage involvement by a wide range of Toronto artists � established and emerging � each exhibition also includes an additional 5 projects selected by the curators through an open call process.

Rhonda Corvese has curated the Zone A Exhibition, and invites you to examine urban civilization and encounter a world turned upside-down. Expect the unexpected in the Bloor/Yorkville area! The Zone B Exhibition, curated by Michelle Jacques, explores the diverse multiple histories and geographies that embody The Grange and Chinatown areas. In the West Queen West/Liberty Village boundaries of Zone C, curator Camilla Singh creates an exhibition that pushes past usual bedtimes, engaging imaginations in a supernatural city.

(circle symbol) Independent Projects

125 Toronto museums, galleries, cultural and educational institutions, and neighbourhoods will participate with more than 150 individual city-wide projects. Each partner will open their doors all night long for this one night. Admission is free and many have collaborated with new and established artists to offer unique experiences. From interactive video art, a balloon maze, an all-night Salsa dance party and steamy saunas to floating clouds, Parisian vampires, a pom pom exchange and electroacoustic music, these Independent Projects will make September 29, 2021 an unforgettable evening.