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Jazz horn vehical, 2013
Photo: John Charlton

Suitable for all ages

Blandford Gates

New Orleans Jazz Funeral - A Funeral for Katrina

Blandford Gates - Toronto, Canada


The piece consists of fifteen whimsical toys that represent a Jazz Funeral cortege. An ornate open hearse bears a misogynist bottle opener representing Katrina. Katrina is accompanied by two flower cars, three horn/jazz cars and nine cars in various states of mourning (a set of toys that might be comfortable in an Addams Family toy box). The pieces are constructed of a variety of recycled scrap metal parts mostly from domestic sources, yard sales, flea markets and numerous secret sources. Disparate pieces are welded or bolted to create an eccentric collection of vehicles to form the Jazz Funeral cortege. A large panel will list a number of parts and pieces that were used to create the toys to challenge visitors to identify them. Past experience indicates visitors enjoy the challenge.


Artscape Wychwood Barns

601 Christie Street, 647 923-1136

This project is indoors.