Scotiabank Nuit Blanche

Independent Projects

Songs of Nuit, 2014
Photo: Charlene Santoni

Suitable for all ages

University of Toronto Student Chapter, National Association of Teachers of Singing (SNATS)

Songs of Nuit

University of Toronto SNATS
Faculty of Music Voice Studies
Faculty of Music Collaborative Piano

Performance Art

Experience an enriched contemporary interaction of poetic and musical language in the classical art song genre featuring songs of the night.

rugal and fortress-like, the lobby of the Faculty of Music is the antithesis of the modern recital hall. Grand pianos centred in the vast space coupled with free-flowing musicians create intimate moments and live portraits of the song recital.

Roving audience members have an opportunity to experience the performance through a contemporary perspective thus creating a sense of community engagement that is not offered during a traditional 19th Century song recital.


Edward Johnson Building

80 Queens Park Crescent

This project is indoors.