Scotiabank Nuit Blanche

Independent Projects

Project Atlas (Rendering), 2014

Suitable for all ages

Siavash Vazirnezami


Siavash Vazirnezami - Toronto, Canada

Interactive Installation

ATLAS (mathematics): In geometry, an atlas refers to charts that represent and describe a manifold; a type of topologic space. A single particle exists and is understood in its local proximity by the rules of Euclidean spaces of dimensions, where globally speaking the manifold might not.

ATLAS (experience): Is a metaphoric representation of complexities of the multidimensional reality of life. Dimensions, that in their most abstract form, are thoughts and notions, that we humans are as catalyst in a process in which thoughts become realities that shape life.

ATLAS (Scotiabank Nuit Blanche): Is an interactive spatial experience where, based on visitor's movements, the façade changes its appearance.

Siavash Vazirnezami is a master of architecture student at Ryerson, an individual from a professional architectural background and an art enthusiast.


National Ballet School

400 Jarvis Street

This project is both indoors and outdoors.