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Independent Projects

The Insomnia Project, 2014

Parental guidance advised

Drumcast Productions

The Insomnia Project

Marco Timpano - Toronto, Canada
Nidhi Khanna - Toronto, Canada
Matt Campagna - Toronto, Canada

Interactive Installation

Experience this installation while enjoying Toronto’s largest sleepless night.

In this audio-visual experience, Drumcast Productions takes you through the anxious state of insomnia to a relaxed place of possibility.

Using ‘light conversation’ and visual projection cues, the audience is invited to converse with host Marco Timpano as these interviews are digitally streamed to insomniacs everywhere.

Walk into a calm and comfortable setting and enter a state of coalescence. As the audio informs the visual and the visual informs the audio, audience participation is key to this installation. Write a random topic for discussion, be part of the conversation, help improvise visual cues, or just listen and relax.

Be sure to ask team members in the Fedora hats for more information on how to participate.

Award winning artists come together to create this live audio-visual experience. Join The Insomnia Project during Toronto's largest sleepless night.


Scheduled guests and audience participation every 15 minutes.


Hotel Le Germain Toronto

30 Mercer Street

This project is indoors.