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TorontoTime LIVE! (Part of King and Simcoe 1919/2012 triptych), 2012

Suitable for all ages

Eaton Chelsea Hotel Toronto

TorontoTime LIVE!

Harry Enchin - Toronto, Canada

Photography Installation

Set in the heart of the city at the Eaton Chelsea Hotel, viewers will be treated to a multi-media installation that incorporates large scale digital photography and music. Highly evocative and immersive, TorontoTime LIVE! not only brings back memories for those who remember Toronto as it used to be, it merges the past and present into a new dimension.

Viewers will see vintage images of intersections in downtown Toronto from 80-100 years ago, contemporary photography of the same locations and photo-based collages that digitally combine these images in a unique and thought provoking manner. The imagery will be installed in the façade of the hotel building facing the courtyard, accompanied by music of the period.

Award-winning photo-based artist Harry Enchin uses archival city images to create new moments in time which bridge decades together.


Eaton Chelsea Hotel

33 Gerrard Street West (Enter off Yonge Street at Walton Street one block south of Gerard Street), 416 595-1975

This project is outdoors.