Scotiabank Nuit Blanche

Zone C Exhibition Project

Thought Balloon, 2012
Photo: Rendering

Suitable for all ages

Thank you to Paddy, Debbie, Noreen, and Kathleen Cauley & Sasha Stanojvic

Thought Balloon, 2012

Brian Cauley - Toronto, Canada

Multi-media Installation & Sculpture

Thought Balloon explores what happens when intimate messages are available for public consumption. Participants write on typewriters and project their words onto the surface of large, glowing balloons.

Responding to how technology allows us to conduct our private lives and conversations in pubic, while we ignore those in physical proximity, this project aims to inspire people to engage more actively in their surroundings. It examines how the urban fabric both enables and disables social encounters.

Thought Balloon is a reminder of the potential of public spaces to connect people with one another and create a sense of community.

Brian Cauley is an artist working in installation, sound, and poetry. With a Masters in Audio Production, he is an audio producer, host, writer, musician, photographer, designer and owner of the business Soundframe. Thought Balloon embodies Cauley’s ambition to encourage people to engage more actively in their communities.


132 Church Street (South of Queen Street East)

This project is outdoors.