Scotiabank Nuit Blanche

Zone C Exhibition Project

Body Xerox, 2009

Suitable for all ages

Body Xerox, 2012

Simon Denny - Berlin, Germany
Yngve Holen - Berlin, Germany


Photocopiers function as disco lights to animate this participatory event.

International DJs Craxxxmurf and Baglady maintain the volume and the energy on the darkened dance floor while photocopy paper accumulates round the machines. Flashes of sweeping green light and puddles of blue create a night club-meets-office atmosphere.

Described by Amy Howden-Chapman as “illuminating all the problems that arise in between the shabby and the sleek, the bulbous body, and new flattening technologies,” Body Xerox reactivates a technology whose role is being displaced by the scanner. It plays with the contemporary impulse to document our every moment on the Internet.

The project has taken place in Berlin, Milan, Rotterdam and Los Angeles and is presented in its largest version yet for Scotiabank Nuit Blanche.

Body Xerox was started in 2009 in Frankfurt am Main by Berlin-based artists Simon Denny and Yngve Holen. The project has happened in Frankfurt, Milan, Berlin, Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Los Angeles. DJs playing it to date include: Craxxxmurf, Baglady, Aids 3D, DJ Skype, Pro Duct and 100% Dezign.


King Street East & Toronto Street

This project is indoors.