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Robin Tinney

The Trappings of Power

Robin Tinney - Toronto, Canada


Concept Image, 2013

Suspended animal traps represent the “trapping” of Aboriginals using Treaties and Rights as bait.

Aboriginal Rights have been purposefully eroded for 300 years.

Governments violate Treaties and expect absolution for their past sins on Aboriginals.

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An assortment of suspended animal traps represent the calculated intent and tremendous power of both historical and modern Governments to "trap" Aboriginal people as a means of controlling and exterminating them. Promises of money, rights, land, equality and self-government have proven to be very effective “bait”.

Aboriginal claim to the land has been challenged by war, disease, enforced segregation, starvation, genocide by status and writ of law. Both Provincial and Federal Governments have a history of violating Treaties and Agreements.

Curiously, modern Treaties and Agreements in Principle include a provision that protects the Governments from being held legally responsible for any past act or omission! They want absolution for all past sins, while actively working to continue the eradication of Aboriginals and their claims to the land.

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Suitable for all ages


David Pecaut Square, King St. West & John St. (Can be accessed from both King Street West and Wellington Street West), 416

This project is outdoors.