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Robert Kananaj Gallery

The City of Gears

Mike Parsons - Toronto, Canada


The City of Gears (Rendering), 2013

Follow the HEY APATHY! project including Street Art, Public Murals, Ink Drawings, Gallery Installations, Animations, Video Game Artwork and Online Comic Books from the City of Gears!

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From a distance the city appears as an ominous gear propelled by an endless sea of faceless denizens.  In order to gain a better understanding of the monstrous metropolis Mike developed a particular artist’s process involving street interventions, festival performances, gallery exhibitions and new media installations. Through the inclusion of such public presentations, Mike has been able to meet thousands of people from all over the world and of all walks of life. From this new vantage the city remains as a giant gear only now it is all the unique characters, not anonymous cogs, who fuel the machine!


Suitable for all ages


Robert Kananaj Gallery, 1267 Bloor Street West ((At Landsdowne)), 416

This project is indoors.