Toronto offers a wildly diverse culinary scene that is perfect for the holiday season. If you are hungry for an extraordinary holiday banquet, regardless of your tastes, Toronto is your city.

Café Belong

Located at a gorgeous valley in the heart of Toronto, Café Belong is perfect for a casual yet sophisticated dining experience. This café is known for its creative use of native food and wine. The café’s chef, Chef Brad Long, is famous for being one of the best chefs of Canada and a known advocate for sustainable farming.


Patria is known as a woodsy, warm, and artful tapas eatery offering traditional paella, mouth-watering jamon croquettes, and authentically cooked seafood. If you’ve come in a group – Patria has a family-style menu perfect for a group feast.


The Terroni is well-loved by Torontonian for its family-friendly vibe, boisterous, and soulful Italian cuisine, including wood-fired pizza and pasta.

Pho Pasteur

This 24-hour Vietnamese hangout earns raves for its late-night feature. It offers foods that are dishing out deliciousness all day long during holidays. In case you want a cheap, late-night, and cheerful mean, Pho Pasteur is perfect for you.

Bindia Indian Bistro

Bindia offers an eat-all-you-can Indian buffet in Toronto.  Its Indian menu is fitting for a contemporary holiday banquet with vegetarian options, in a tranquil, modern-casual environment.

Hapa Izakaya

The Hapa Izakaya is an eco-friendly Japanese hotspot restaurant situated in chic Little Italy. Its hotspot is all seafood and is certified wild-caught. Bon Apetit ranks Hapa Izakaya as one of the top-five izakayas in North America.

 Pearl Harbourfront Chinese Cuisine

This waterside mainstay offers a panoramic view of Lake Ontario and a mass-pleasing traditional Chinese fare, with exceptional group menus. If you don’t have enough time to prepare dinner, Pearl Harbourfront offers you their epic dim sum brunch you can’t wait to taste.

Globe Bistro

The Globe Bistro offers you a certified farm-to-table delicacy for a fulfilling seasonal menu. You can choose to book a private room for a holiday banquet, or you can choose to dine by the open kitchen and have the chance to watch Chef Dan Sanders and his crew.