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You can find everything you need to start your exploration in each zone at a Scotiabank Information Hub. These three unique Zones will provide information to launch your experience, rest your feet, enjoy a film or vote for your favourite installation.

Hub A � The Palais

Come back to the 1920s with us and experience the stylish elegance inspired by the jazz era. The ideal atmosphere to enjoy black and white films in a dizzying array of black and white, juxtaposed with unusual elements.

Get pampered at the Panda spa. This interactive performance project by Ulysses Castellanos features a team of panda estheticians who give makeovers and manicures throughout the night.

Short films and videos generously provided by Bravo!FACT, Foundation to Assist Canadian Talent

Exhibition projects roaming throughout Zone A

The A.T.E. (Airborne Toxic Event), 2007
Photo: © Tasman Richardson and Elenora Chesnutt

The A.T.E. (Airborne Toxic Event), 2007
Tasman Richardson and Elenore Chesnutt - Toronto, Ontario
Audio intervention

The medium is belief, the disseminator is broadcast: an Airborne Toxic Event. This experiment is white noise and the confusion that is raised when telepresence is substituted for presence. The inherently flawed nature of truth is that it's determined not by individual observation but by contagious public opinion - belief generating reality instead of reality generating belief. Before facebook, before myspace, before flash mobs, the wind was shifting. Tune in to CIUT 89.5FM radio for all broadcasts.

Offtact (for 6) Photo: John Lauener

Barbara Lindenberg - Toronto, Ontario
Dance Open Call Project

Heads pressed together, the performers of HT will roam the streets in a particular kind of dance. With the absurd challenge of maintaining contact with each others heads, the group will engage with passersby as a unique creature, as individuals, as human landscape, as dancers.

Scotiabank People�s Choice

Select your favourite project in each zone for your chance to WIN* movies for a year from Cineplex entertainment. Vote for the Scotiabank People�s Choice by texting your favourite Project�s keyword to SCOTIA (726842), or by picking up a ballot from the Scotiabank Hub/Information Tent in each zone. Keywords can be found on signage at each project.

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Hub Programming

Step back in time to the 1920s and experience the stylist elegance inspired by the jazz era. This is the ideal atmosphere to enjoy black and white films, juxtaposed with unusual elements.

Film Screenings

Bravo!FACT (Foundation to Assist Canadian Talent) presents a continuous film loop of shorts featuring dramas, music, and comedy in the style of old, black-and-white films. 10 pm featured live performer: Maryem Tollar (vocalist) and Levon Ichkhanian (guitar)

Panda Spa

Get pampered at the Panda Spa. This interactive performance project by Ulysses Castellanos features a team of panda estheticians who give manicures throughout the night.

Derek Besant

Don�t miss the artwork by visual artist Derek Besant. The captivating image of a solarized night sky, with a glowing moon as the central focal point, recalling the many nights in one�s life that you gaze up into the night sky and contemplate the scale of the universe.