Zone A Curated Exhibition

Curatorial Statement

The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters

Those who venture into Zone A will encounter a world turned upside-down, where the only certainty is to expect the unexpected. Nothing is as it seems.

The works examine an urban civilization of alienation, fear and potential danger, mass communication and (dis)orientation. This tension is balanced by the alien and the fantastic, where humour is staged in strange situations and suspensions.

Zone A promises to transfix and unsettle the psyche of the individual and the masses.
Enter at your own risk. Go on, I dare you.

Rhonda Corvese


Rhonda Corvese is a Toronto-based independent curator. Her curatorial projects often evolve in response to situations where she strives to challenge the role of the curator, artist and audience in the presentation and engagement of contemporary art. She is fundamentally interested in exploring the dialogue between curator and artist in the creation of new work that exists beyond the gallery space and in the examination of contemporary Canadian art within an international framework.

Recent projects include: 25sec.-Toronto a video portrait of Toronto cultural mediators by Berlin-based German artists Angelika Middendorf and Andreas Schimanski at Prefix ICA (2007); British artist Shona Illingworth's The Watch Man a video and sound installation at InterAccess (2007) as part of Images Festival 2007; Iris H´┐Żussler's site-specific installation The Legacy of Joseph Wagenbach (2006); The Idea of North a sound art group exhibition in Norway, Iceland and Halifax (2005/2006); a special project Berlin booth titled Berlin Constructions: Emergent Practices Today at the Toronto International Art Fair (2004); and the Berlin/Toronto Gallery Exchange (2004/2005).