Scotiabank Nuit Blanche

For one sleepless night experience the city transformed by hundreds of artists for Toronto's sixth annual sunset-to-sunrise celebration of contemporary art.

Discover art in galleries, museums and unexpected places. From a streetcar, alleyways and storefronts to churches, ponds and parks, choose from more than 130 destinations and chart your own path.

One night only. All night long.

2011 Event

Three zones featuring more than 130 projects to explore.

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FLUXe - Scotiabank Art Project

An immersive art experience.
  1. Zone B City Hall project Usman Haque and Natalie Jeremijenko, Flightpath Toronto, 2011

  2. Zone C � Gladstone Hotel - Jeremy Vandermeij, Fly By Night

  3. Zone B � Christine Irving and Site 3 coLaboratory, The Heart Machine, 2010 Photo: Ian Grindall

  4. Zone A � Yayo Tavolara, Aseptic Profile, 2010

  5. Zone B � The Practice of Everyday Design, Elephant in the Room, 2011

  6. Zone A � The Toronto Choral Artists, Brett Potter & Church of the Redeemer: Brett David Potter, Compostela, 2011

  7. Zone C � Tonya Hart, INFRA , 2011 Photo: Orlando Gomez

  8. Zone B � Ryerson University - Faculty of Communication & Design & School of Image Arts: David Bouchard, School of Image Arts, Reeds, 2010

  9. Zone A � AES + F, The Feast of Trimalchio. Allegory #8 (War of the Worlds), 2010 Photo: � AES+F 2009-2011. Courtesy of Triumph Gallery, Moscow

  10. Zone A � Sans fa�on, Limelight: Saturday night

  11. Zone A � CFC Media Lab: Vanessa Shaver & Tsu-Ching Yu, Heart of Stars, 2011

  12. Zone A � U of T - Space Suit Studio: Geoff Frost, Katie Kuzan, Susan Varickanickal, AirSHIP, 2011

  13. Zone B � Distillery District - Benecorpo Community, Hillary Predko & Anthony Swan: Maihyet Burton, Tent Girl, 2011

  14. Zone C � Parkdale - Andres Musta: Denial, 455ER, FDOE, et al., sticker combo, 2011

  15. Zone C � Workman Arts: Asylum; bill bissett, Asylum, 2011 Photo: David Sweeney

  16. Zone B � GUILD, Through the Gorilla Glass, 2011

  17. Zone C � Julia Hepburn, City Mouse, 2011