Independent Projects

Gauge, 2015

Suitable for all ages



Sarah McNair-Landry - Cape Dorset, Canada
Danny Osborne - Cape Dorset, Canada
Patrick Thompson - Cape Dorset, Canada
Alexa Hatanaka - Cape Dorset, Canada
Raven Chacon - Cape Dorset, Canada
Erik Boomer - Cape Dorset, Canada
Eric McNair-Landry - Cape Dorset, Canada

Film Loop

Created on Baffin Island in the Canadian Arctic, Gauge employs and investigates the natural forces of time, extreme temperatures and the ever-moving environment to dictate the process of painting on a grand scale.

Monumental ice walls appear to emerge out of the frozen ocean, due to the rise and fall of the tide beneath the ice which moves upwards of ten metres on a twelve-hour cycle. Three artists use natural food colouring and burnt cow bone for black, to mark the temporary ice walls. Using fire extinguishers and paint sprayers, the artists must work parallel to the tide, as the frozen floor on which they stand collapses and shifts.

The short-lived works are subject to friction, ocean and temperature, which quickly erase the paintings, washing the images from memory, back into the Arctic Ocean.


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This project is indoors.