Independent Projects

Chthuluscene (rendering), 2015

Suitable for all ages

OCAD University

Signs of Life

PVS - Toronto, Canada
Julie Nagam - Toronto, Canada
Vanessa Kwan - Vancouver, Canada
Linda Duvall - Saskatoon, Canada

Mobile gestural performance; sonic and multi-media installation; photography and video installation; sculptural site specific work.

Where does memory exist beyond human time? Rethinking the way non-humans remember reveals the vital role memory plays outside of our individual capacities. The artists in this exhibition look for signals of possible pasts and speculative futures beyond the human – signs that mark the sustenance of life itself in geological, interplanetary and multispecies time. From gestural mobile performances terraforming planets after human extinction, witnessing decolonial narratives sonically recovered along the Humber River, to a large man-made hole in the ground evolving into a co-habitation narrative of human and animal curiosity, the exhibited artworks radically shift the conception of memory as the preservation of the past in our minds and hearts towards evidence of life forms in the present, unfolding in a time not our own.

The projects presented are curated by Maiko Tanaka for OCAD University in response to the theme Memory Lane.


100 McCaul Street (Entrance through Butterfield Park at south end of building.), 416-977-6000 ext 222

This project is both indoors and outdoors.