Independent Projects

Shadows, 2014
Photo: Ayelene Liberona

Suitable for all ages

Chinatown BIA: MataProductionZ, Victoria Mata

Callejon de Memorias: the embodiment of memory

Irma Villafuerte - Toronto, Canada
Amanda Paixao - Minas Gerais, Brazil
Rehana Tejpar - Toronto, Canada
Jackeline Rago - Caracas, Venezuela
Esteban Aguilar - Guantanamo, Cuba
Y Josephine - Caracas, Venezuela
Juanita Suarez - Bogota, Colombia
Isabel Estrada - Guatemala City, Guatemala


A live installation of Contemporary and Venezuelan folklore fusion with a labyrinth of cloths, shadows, percussive soundscapes and projections in a womb-like space.

The experiences of Latin American-Canadian migrant artists, who have crossed borders, construct and deconstruct the embodiment of memory.


Shaolin Temple Quanfa Institute

393 Dundas Street West (2nd Floor)

This project is indoors.