Independent Projects


Parental guidance advised

Toronto Laboratory Theatre - Theatrus

VIVISECTION: Installation + Photography + Performance + Light

Art Babayants - Toronto, Canada
Marina Black - Toronto, Canada
Paul J. Stoesser - Toronto, Canada
Dmitry Zhukovsky - Toronto, Canada

Performance Art + Projection + Photography Installation

How does reality get reimagined and archived by our visual memory? How do archived images affect our perception of the past?

This multidisciplinary installation/performance explores and amplifies the layered connections between limited vision and fragile memory in unique and complementary interpretations, challenging both memory and perception. The audience’s attention is focused on the fragility and imperfection of human memory and its delicate process of collecting, reinterpreting and indeed obfuscating and our experiences.

VIVISECTION juxtaposes live performance and still archival imagery while allowing the audience to experience both the initial urge for archiving and the interpretive result of it. Stylistically, both the live performance and the still imagery follow the black-and-white aesthetics of classic archival photography. 


Performed in shifts. Admission every 10-15 minutes. The duration of the experience is approximately 5 minutes.


401 Richmond

401 Richmond Street West (First floor corridor in front of Urbanspace Gallery and adjacent areas)

This project is indoors.