10 for 10th - Memory Lane curated by Che Kothari

Light Cave, 2014

Suitable for all ages

Project Co-Producer: Drake One Fifty

With assistance from Dream Unlimited Corp.

Originally commissioned and co-produced by Art Production Fund and The Standard Hotel, N.Y.

Light Cave, 2014

FriendsWithYou - Los Angeles, USA


The largest stand-alone sculpture by FriendsWithYou to date, Light Cave is a cathedral of the spirit. This interactive experience is manifested with the purpose of joining people together in a metaphysical sense, inclusive of all races and spiritual backgrounds. The piece utilizes color and light creating a sensory rich experience, directly affecting our immediate emotional state.

In form, the Light Cave is an abstract semi translucent enclosure, providing a prism, which allows us to look into our own self and what lies beyond, transcending each of us through this unifying experience.

Architecture has been a key tool in establishing a connection to the idea of God through the ages. This living structure, pulsing with energy, light, and breath, will unify the viewers under its canopy. 

As we celebrate the unknown together, each individual will find in the work his or her own unique internal universe while connecting to others through the piece. In the artist’s words “Throughout our practice we have noticed and explored the power of collective experiences; we believe having shared physical experiences is an intricate and vital part of sharing and growing collective consciousness. The main goal is to open a dialogue that is inclusive of all people under one Light Cave.”

FriendsWithYou is the fine art collaborative of Samuel Borkson and Arturo Sandoval III, who have worked collectively since 2002. The artists work in a variety of mediums including painting, sculpture, large-scale experiential installations, public playgrounds, and live performances. Their work has been exhibited at various prestigious institutions including the Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, MN; Museum of Contemporary Art, North Miami, FL; and the Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, CA.


Drake One Fifty (Lower Patio)

150 York Street (Accessible entrance available at 181 University Street.)

This project is outdoors.