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Solar Dehydrator, 2014

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Solar Dehydrator, 2014

José Andrés Mora - Toronto, Canada


In February 2014, Toronto Hydro approached Whippersnapper Gallery seeking local artists to submit proposals for a contest involving the repurposing of an old fridge, in support of their Fridge & Freezer Pickup program. After all ideas were submitted, they were presented for public voting and José A Mora's design to transform the body of the refrigerator into a solar dehydrator was selected to be produced!

Mora’s design was inspired by the refrigerator's already existing insulation. From the very beginning Mora wanted to use the fridge’s design to keep a temperature-controlled environment. After brainstorming a few ideas, Mora came across public designs for solar dehydrators and considered adapting the idea into the refrigerator. Most people build dehydrators completely from scratch, but the body of a fridge already comes with a lot of what you would need (shelf racks, insulation, and sealing doors). Mora hopes this idea can be adapted and used by other people.

A solar dehydrator is an appliance that gathers heat generated by the sun slowly to dehydrate foods. As the products lose moisture, they become preserved without the need of freezing or canning, making it a useful appliance for gardeners with surplus crops! 

José A Mora is a Toronto-based artist. Primarily a video and installation artist, Mora tackled the design project as an application of technical skills gathered through his artistic practice.


Roundhouse Park

255 Bremner Boulevard (North West section of Park, under the Coal Silo)

This project is outdoors.