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Underfoot (rendering), 2014

Suitable for all ages

Mary Ward Art Collective


Mary Ward Art Collective - Toronto, Canada
Aiken Chau - Toronto, Canada
Jerline Dikitanan - Toronto, Canada
Kent Paul - Toronto, Canada
Elisha Manila - Toronto, Canada
Terra Pham - Toronto, Canada
Amy Vaz - Toronto, Canada
Emilie Fung - Toronto, Canada
Victor Li - Toronto, Canada
Sarah Phen - Toronto, Canada
Cian Hrabi - Toronto, Canada
Casey Bas - Toronto, Canada
Simon Peiris - Toronto, Canada
Michelle Tang - Toronto, Canada
Robyn Ching - Toronto, Canada

Kinetic Sculpture

Underfoot explores the realm between what is clearly visible above the surface and that which lies beneath. 

The environment is not always what it seems. While the routine removal of litter from the streets of our city may provide the illusion that we are worthy caretakers, this piece suggests otherwise. Underfoot offers the notion that a more grave environmental situation, not always clearly visible, lies behind the façade of our ‘green’ city. 

The Underfoot project has grown from the concerns of a group of young people for their environment along with their interest in contemporary art and its capacity to begin a dialogue amongst a large segment of the public through Scotiabank Nuit Blanche. The design of the piece is a product of many hours of research, discussion and planning at Mary Ward C.S.S., a Scarborough High School.

The Mary Ward Art Collective is a team of young artists deeply committed to using their creative practice to effect change in the world.  


Simcoe Park

Simcoe Street & Front Street

This project is outdoors.