Scotiabank Nuit Blanche

Independent Projects

Sine, 2013
Photo: RĂ©mi Carreiro

Suitable for all ages

Ryerson University - Redux Lab


Jessica Walker - Barrie, Canada
Christopher Chown - Mitchell's Corner, Canada
Sahel Tahvildari - Mississauga, Canada
Anthony Gugliotta - Pickering, Canada
Dorothy Johns - Meaford, Canada
Gerald Karaguni - Toronto, Canada
Krystyna Ng - London, Canada

Interactive Installation

An interactive environment where the user is the controller of their individual spatial surrounding, enveloped in music and a physical structure that manifests rhythm.

Incorporating sound and light as the methodology of the sine wave representation, the physical structure manifests these fluctuating rhythms. Users are then able to have an experience based on sound and light in creating and adapting their volumetric surroundings. They can manipulate the music inside each petal node, influencing treble and bass as well as brightness in relation to a user's proximity.

Ryerson University’s Redux Lab is a group of seven fourth-year students collaborating together to produce user responsive interactive projects.


The Bata Shoe Museum

327 Bloor Street West (Basement), 416 979-7799

This project is indoors.