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Concept Image, 2013
Photo: Hannah Allen

Suitable for all ages

Girls Learning Code


Girls Learning Code - Toronto, Canada


A static installation that showcases how 40 girls between the ages of 8 and 13 strive to remix a space through a series of 3D printed objects. Composed of 40 independently designed creations intertwined inside a series of icosahedrons, each object casts a shadow on the surrounding walls and represents the imagination and creativity of a group of young minds.

As a viewer, one may ask how the girls found inspiration for creation, how they were impacted by what they saw, and how these notions were integrated into what they built. The environment strives to question how this process will affect generations ahead, and how the concept of remixing will push human progress in art, technology, and society.

Girls Learning Code workshops and camps aim to inspire and encourage young girls to become builders, and not just consumers of technology.


The Lab

483 Queen Street West

This project is indoors.