Scotiabank Nuit Blanche

Independent Projects

TGM brand, 2014

Suitable for all ages

Whippersnapper Gallery

Supporting the Arts, another Project by Tough Guy Mountain

Tough Guy Mountain, Curated by Mohammad Rezaei & Laurie MacInroy - Toronto, Canada


A two-floor performance in a gallery split in half (horizontally). On the bottom floor, “corporate sponsored artists” perform, showing off their work. On the top floor, corporate executives grow dissatisfied and invent new demands to place on the artists.

This is an exaggerated celebration of the relationship between artists and corporate sponsorships. Compromises and negotiations by both artists and corporate sponsors are performed to an absurd and fantastical scale: Can the artist modify their voice? Will the corporation lose control of their brand?

The objective is not to take sides, but to actively perform the complex power dynamics that exist. For the audience, Tough Guy Mountain will present a dramatized and hyperbolized vision of corporate sponsored art, a shifting performance as both artist and corporation navigate their relationship.


Whippersnapper Gallery

594B Dundas Street West (West of Spadina Avenue), 647 383-6669

This project is both indoors and outdoors.