Scotiabank Nuit Blanche

Independent Projects

Safe Space, 2014
Photo: Nicholas Sassoon and Sara Ludy

Suitable for all ages

Drake Hotel

Safe Space

Nicolas Sassoon - Marseille, France
Sara Ludy - Santa Ana, USA
The Analog Preservation Network - Toronto, Canada
Vanessa Rieger - Toronto, Canada
Akin Collective (Michael Vickers + Oliver Pauk) - Toronto, ON
Mohammad Rezaei - Toronto, ON
Lisa Folkerson - Toronto, ON

Interactive Installation

A communal exploration into physical and virtual natures, Safe Space is an integrated art, music and performance-based programme encompassing the Drake's exterior and interior.

Nicolas Sassoon and Sara Ludy will present Wallpapers, an on/offline project involving large-scale video projections of digital patterns.

Analog Preservation Network will take over Drake TV, screening APN’s analog experiments. They will also collaborate with musical performers on Holodeck, an immersive Underground installation.

Vanessa Rieger will turn the Drake Cafe's north patio into an immersive environment that will be the first exhibition of her Tarp Ghost project.

Akin Collective's Michael Vickers and Oliver Pauk will show Spectra Logic in the Drake Lab, part of an ongoing series of site specific works exploring relationship between human and digital machine.


1150 Queen Street West, 416 531-5042

This project is both indoors and outdoors.