Scotiabank Nuit Blanche

Independent Projects

Mixing Toronto (Artist Rendering), 2014

Suitable for all ages

Nomi Drory, Emily Kouri, Johnnyland, Spring Collective

Mixing Toronto

Nomi Drory - Toronto, Canada
Emily Kouri - Toronto, Canada
Spring Collective
Participating Drawing Artists

Video Installation and Live Drawing

Witness the windows of Sanderson Library transform into a contemporary urban canvas with video projection and live drawing, linking contrasting images of Toronto.

Video projections display two separate but related scenes from different areas of Toronto. During the night, visual artists work directly on the glass windows, extracting urban elements from the videos and create line drawings. This installation and live performance will shine a light on the character of Toronto’s neighborhoods, revealing the multiplicity, diversity and variations that can be found in the city.

Mixing Toronto is a collaborative project by artists from different cultural backgrounds and age groups who challenge yet celebrate ideas of social differentiation, inclusivity and connectivity in Toronto.

Diverse professional visual artists mentor and collaborate with youth artists, bringing Mixing Toronto's theme of divserity and connectivity alive.


Sanderson Public Library windows

327 Bathurst Street (At Dundas Street West. Windows facing Bathurst.)

This project is outdoors.