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Independent Projects

Cinema As Site, 2013

Mature content, suitable for audiences 14+

Magic Lantern Cinemas

Cinema As Site

Adrienne Crossman - Toronto, Canada
Cecilia Escobar - Mississauga, Canada
Parker Kay - Toronto, Canada
Jackson Klie - Toronto, Canada
Brianna Lowe - Toronto, Canada
Lauren Pelc-McArthur - Toronto, Canada
Tisha Myles - Toronto, Canada
William Andrew Finlay Stewart - Owen Sound, Canada
Aleks Vujosevic - Toronto, Canada


A group of Toronto-based artists explore and interpret the place we know as the Cinema. Its people, phenomena, structures and of course: movies. Work is shown both as installations in the lobby and projections on the big screen.


Magic Lantern Theatres Carlton Cinema

20 Carlton Street (just East of College Subway Station)

This project is indoors.