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Up the Creek (rendering), 2014

Suitable for all ages

John Notten

Up the Creek

John Notten - Toronto, Canada

Kinetic Sculpture

Transforming the simple poetry of nature into a contrived, virtual experience, this kinetic canoe-sculpture navigates a street in the city.

The night time urban landscape of Toronto makes an unlikely location for a canoe trip.  And yet, Up the Creek presents a vessel that strangely floats across the city’s concrete rivers on a 12-hour voyage. The canoe seems suspended in a pool of glowing water that gently rises and falls; an ongoing wave generated by the power of this craft’s forward movement.

Up the Creek offers the city-dweller a rare opportunity to experience the nostalgia of a quintessential Canadian activity; the wilderness camping adventure.  

John Notten is a Toronto artist and educator whose art immerses the viewer in participatory environments created through repurposed materials.


Simcoe Park

Front Street West & Simcoe Street (Directly east of the CBC Building on the north side of Front Street across from the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.)

This project is outdoors.