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Independent Projects

Kalos Eidos lens, 2014

Suitable for all ages

Kate Hogg, Gabriella Borg and the Toronto School of Art

Kalos Eidos

Gabriella Borg - Toronto, Canada
Kate Hogg - Thornhill, Canada
The Toronto School of Art - Toronto, Canada

Interactive Installation

Kalos Eidos is inspired by the hypnotizing visual evolution of a kaleidoscope and its dependence on human interaction. The main objective is to create a conversation between site and touch within a site specific installation. This immersive project invites participants to wander through an abstract landscape and interact with the mobile sculptures or 'lenses'. This Independent Project and has been designed to accommodate collaboration. Through the artistic direction of Kate Hogg and Gabriella Borg, the installation will feature the work of over 50 independent artists. Each lens is distinctively individual, accompanied fasicinating video work. The mobile sculptures will inspire exploration as each hold a unique interior that will alter the viewers' perspective of the Kalos Eidos installation.

Through the artistic direction of Borg and Hogg in conjuction with over 50 artists from across the GTA. 


Toronto School of Art

980 Dufferin Street (South West corner of Dufferin and Bloor Street)

This project is outdoors.