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Metamorphosis, 2014
Photo: Adam Bialo

Suitable for all ages

Kontakt Films

The Death of Queen West

Adam Bialo - Toronto, Canada

Film Installation

While living at the legendary 48 Abell Street loft across from the Drake Hotel an artist documents the construction of several condominiums that would eventually devour the building and his home. In February 2009, he starts shooting time-lapses and sets up multiple frames. Over 43 days he shot the same frames through his back window and adds different shots as the landscape changes. Filiming ended on September 1, 2011, as he had officially been evicted the day before with his loft scheduled for demolition. This short film installation shows the gentrification and metamorphosis of the artist's old neighbourhood from an intimate and original perspective. It also incorporates footage from the demolition of the building and some memories from times inside. 

Adam Bialo studied film at Sheridan College and graduated with honours. In 2003, he founded his own company Kontakt Films to pursue his film ventures.


The film starts playing at 7 pm and runs for five minutes. It will play on loop 12 times every hour until 7 am. (ie. 7.00, 7.05, 7.10...)


Gladstone Hotel

1214 Queen Street West (Studio 208 on the 2nd Floor)

This project is indoors.