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The Unauthorized Hagiography of Vincent Price, 2014

Mature content, suitable for audiences 18+


The Unauthorized Hagiography of Vincent Price

Colin Geddes - Toronto, Canada
Michael Lane - Toronto, Canada

Film Installation

From the team that brought you Cent une tueries de zombies comes this "faux-ography" of Vincent Price, the beloved ghoul of our childhood imaginations.

Film Loop

SEE!!! ...the real Vincent condemning witches to death and raising ex-lovers from the tomb!

FEEL!!! ...Vincent dabbling with LSD in the swinging sixties and TRIPPING OUT!

HEAR!!! ...Gourmet recipes! Sweet zombie Jesus, the recipes!

Programmed by Colin Geddes - Midnight Madness programmer at the Toronto International Film Festival, and Michael Lane - acclaimed editor


TIFF Bell Lightbox

350 King Street West (Located at Reitman Square on the north-west corner of King and John Streets.), 416 599-8433

This project is indoors.