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Independent Projects

It All Falls Down, 2014

Suitable for all ages

Artefect and Manifesto Festival

It All Falls Down

Matt Eckensweiler - Toronto, Canada
Fezz Stenton - Toronto, Canada
Ian Katsuno - Toronto, Canada
Matt Greenwood - Toronto, Canada
Tiffany Alice - Toronto, Canada
Nate Kogan - Toronto, Canada
Brad Neil - Toronto, Canada
Thomas Masmejean - Toronto, Canada

Interactive Installation

It All Falls Down is an interactive, multi-platform art installation that calls for active participation of the viewers, using the elements of light, sound, shapes and structure to stimulate the curiosity and creativity of the participants.



37 Bulwer Street (Bulwer Street closed from Soho Street to Spadina Street), 647 341-9270

This project is outdoors.