Scotiabank Nuit Blanche

Performance Anxiety curated by Heather Pesanti

Wanwu: Metamorphosis, 2014

Suitable for all ages

Wanwu: Metamorphosis, 2014

Bingyi - Beijing, China

Performance Art

On the green rooftop of Toronto City Hall, Bingyi creates a large scale painting in an otherworldly performance. Working under a halo of intense green light, the artist and her group of performers transform the rooftop into a blossoming, breathing, bleeding and exploding painting. During the event the painting is completed, while gradually being dissolved by water falling onto the paper in a steady stream like rain. An operatic performance entitled Metamorphosis happens in episodes hourly throughout the night.  

Bingyi is a self-taught painter who has a Ph.D. in archeology from Yale University. She is known for her Land Art-like ink paintings and miniature series with extremely fine details. She also works as a performance artist with experimental operas and poetry to illuminate her paintings. 


Nathan Phillips Square - Podium Roof

100 Queen Street West (access via the ramp roof access. Elevator access available at the City Hall Security Desk)

This project is outdoors.